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Shamrock Enterprises has been in the swimming pool business since 1976, serving commercial markets on a national and international level.  We are heavily involved in the fabrication and construction of new pools and the renovation  of older pools of all types of construction.  Our company installs stainless steel gutter systems and commercial vinyl liners. 

We also perform sandblasting and painting services for metal or concrete pools.  Our specialties are new construction, and renovation of aluminum and stainless steel swimming pools.  We also manufacture vacuum D.E. filters for any size pool.
Shamrock provides design and engineering services and calculations to meet Board of Health requirements, tests piping and filter systems and offers a complete spectrum of swimming pool consulting.  We offer a complete line of parts and equipment for any type of swimming pool facility, including deck and safety equipment.  A specialty design of Shamrock Enterprises for the renovation of concrete pools is the aluminum-lining method.  This method is the most durable and, usually, the most economical way to  renovate an existing concrete or tile pool.  This process provides permanent assurance against rust, cracks and leaks and will remain water-tight without annual repairs.
We are bondable and can provide the necessary Certificate of  Insurance and Workers' Compensation Certificate.
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